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Message from the Board

posted Mar 15, 2013, 9:10 AM by Corey Forehand   [ updated Mar 15, 2013, 9:21 AM ]

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November 2012

Dear TBH Valued Stakeholders,


In the last few years TBH has under gone many positive changes, and reached even more milestones. Our board, along with executive director, Cristy Jennings have worked together to strengthen TBH and much more is ahead of us. As we know change in organizational structure is important in order to adapt to the demands and needs of its constituency.  Change also offers an opportunity to grow and improve the organization.


It is in that spirit that on behalf of the entire TBH Board of Directors, I am proud to announce staff changes and transition that will help take us to the next level of serving our community as it deserves.  The changes include the transition of current executive director Cristy Jennings to an advisory role.  Javier Perez will be TBH's Managing Director during the transition period; Alex Hernandez, Facility Manager and Carlos Jesus Garcia, will be our Interim Artistic Director.


The changes are a result of strategic research and bench marking.  We found most successful theaters have a different organizational structure than a traditional non-profit.  Over the past two years, the board has been building a strong foundation and we believe this is the perfect time to make the changes.  We are excited about the growth that the East End is experiencing and want to take advantage of these next few years to strengthen our programs.


TBH will continue to collaborate with theater groups and artists to continue presenting performing arts relative to the current diverse cultural within the Latino Community.  Other programming includes visual arts, theater education and the summer arts camp.


We thank you for your continued support of our programs and request your patience during this transition. For further information please feel free to contact Javier Perez, 713-222-1213or at





Rogelio Marroquin

TBH Chairman of the Board

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