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Music, Barbeque, & Laughs!

posted Jul 18, 2012, 9:30 AM by Corey Forehand

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July 2012




Come out this week and see what you're missing! 


La Zapatera Prodigiosa is in it's second week and still playing to big crowds, so come join us this weekend.


Homenaje a Pedro Infante by Fernando Moguel.  This concert will take you back in time, bring your mom, your wife, your aunt, your dad and most importantly bring yourself!  Great music and performance.  This will be a sold out show - buy your ticket today 

Hope to see you soon!



Upcoming at TBH                                                                                           
Friday, July 13
Compra tu boleto aquí

July 14th
July 15th

Cosas de Niños 

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Jul 27 & 28

compra tu boleta aquí

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