Homage to the Social Phenomenon of Lucha Libre

June 7 - July 18, 2012

Gallery Hours: 10am-7pm, M-F.

*** Artist Reception June 7th @ 7PM***

TBH Center is pleased to announce the opening of a new art exhibition, Enmascarados: Homage to the Social Phenomenon of Lucha Libre. Enmascarados (the masked ones) is an art exhibition that showcases many top Texas Chicano artists’ interpretations of Lucha Libre, which is Mexican freestyle wrestling. Displayed are photos, paintings, mixed media, video, and sculpture. The exhibition, was curated by curator, artist, and musician Angel Quesada, and has traveled throughout the state of Texas since 2008. 

Statement by Exhibition Organizer, Angel Quesada:

 “Since the spectacle of Lucha Libre (freestyle wrestling) began in Mexico, it has captivated audiences and created a phenomenon that has gained popularity all over the world. The fact that the wrestlers don a mask is very compelling and beckons us to assume a role in the ring. Whichever side you choose to play in the ring; the "rudo" (rude boy brawler, bad guy) or the "tecnico" (traditional technical wrestler, good guy), the mask acts as a portal allowing our imagination to embody the luchador (wrestler).”

This exhibit sits us, the audience, on the edge of the dark and controversial, the childish and even spiritual; creating a colorful allegory of good versus evil. Although the mask's use in the sport hides the luchador's face, what emerges as a result of this masquerade is the paragon of a Mexican visual past and a new found adoration and creation of a new iconic face of Mexico.

"Enmascarados: Homage to the Social Phenomenon of Lucha Libre", is not simply an exhibit but a collection of Chicano artists participating in a happening. It is a tour de force of artistic talent celebrating a slice of culture. The work included displays photos, paintings, mixed media, video, and sculpture which continue a dialogue of diversity and irreverent playfulness, nostalgia and exoticism.

  Participating Artists:                                                    Live Wresting at opening reception!

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Federico Archuleta (El Paso)
Jesus Cimi (El Pas
Fidencio Duran (Austin)
Celeste De Luna (Brownsville)
Faustinus Deraet (Mexico City)
Xavier Garza (San Antonio)
Beto Gonzalez (San Antonio)
Hector Hernandez (Laredo)
Gerald Lopez (Corpus Christi)
Enrique Martinez (El Paso/San Antonio)
Marcela Moran (Laredo)
Abel Ortiz-Acosta (Val Verde/Del Rio)
Angel Quesada (Houston)
Jose Rodriguez (Leander)
Ricardo Ruiz (Corpus Christi)
Camargo Valentino (Houston)
among others…