Grandes Figuras de Cine Mexicano
Presentados por la Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores
 a traves del Consuldado General de Mexico en Houston

Sunday, August 12

Based on a story of the Brothers Grimm, Macario is a farmer obsessed with the idea of death and his own poverty.  He decides to stop eating until he can eat a turkey all by himself.  After his wife steals one he heads out to the woods to eat it and there he’s met by God and the Devil with whom he refuses to share the meal; it is not the case when met by Death with whom he does share the turkey.  In exchange for this gesture, Death gives him a healing vial of water with which Macario begins performing miracles.  Not long enough though, he’s faced with a situation where no longer can cheat death.

Maria Candelaria is a young, beautiful girl, rejected by society because she’s the daughter of a prostitute.  Nevertheless, the young Lorenzo Rafael is determined to marry her but she falls ill to malaria.  Lorenzo Rafael, desperate to save her, steals medicine from the shop keeper, Don Damian, who is secretly in love with Maria Candelaria and this unleashes a series of tragedies for the young couple. 

The confusion between a dog called "Bobby" and a gangster with the same name leads to a series of misunderstandings between a jealous husband, his gitty wife, a saucy domestic employee, an abandoned wife caring after eight children and the singularity of Mexican iconic character, Cantinflas. 

Wealthy socialite Don Servero has kept a big secret from his wife and teenage daughter:  he has fathered another child with his mistress, and she is the spitting image of his "legitimate" daughter.

Things get out of hand when the girls' boyfriends end up with the wrong girls.


Adults (single film)


Adults (4 films)

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Jun 19, 2012, 2:58 PM